Adriaan van der Bergh

Lead Developer & Web Development Instructor

SuperCode, Düsseldorf, Germany

01/2020 - present

  • Developed curriculum and delivered in-person & online instruction for HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), Node, Npm, Git, Scrum & Agile, Testing, Express, MongoDB (mongoose), Next.JS & React.
  • Lead in-house training in pedagogical practices for other instructors.
  • Developed and architected in-house web application using Sapper/Svelte, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions (Node), Monaco Editor & Webpack.

Founder & CEO

Engagenie, Inc., New York, (remote from Germany)

04/2016 - present

  • Architected and developed a web application reaching 10,000 users within a year using PHP, Laravel, MySQL & Pusher.
  • Implemented and operated a customer support system using GrooveHQ.
  • Developed and shipped several custom software solutions to schools using PHP, JavaScript, Chrome Extensions, Cloud Functions for Firebase & Cloud Firestore.

Technology Coordinator

International School of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

08/2011 - 12/2019

  • Successfully facilitated the transition to a 1-to-1 laptop environment by developing and implementing professional development programs for teachers as measured by increased student engagement.
  • Designed and implemented a Computational Thinking Curriculum in the Senior School teaching with JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C (Arduino).
  • Designed and implemented a new Game Design course, teaching Blender, Unity & C#.
  • Architected and developed several in-house web applications and sync services using PHP, Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, Polymer Web Components, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions (Node), Google Drive API.

Support Engineer

Dexani, Johannesburg, South Africa

05/2008 - 07/2009

  • Provided desktop and server support for 100+ users and 10 servers running Windows Server, Exchange, SQL Server, Linux and in-house software for four companies in the financial services sector.
  • Functioned independently and was responsible for managing my own time with regards to keeping four offices running smoothly.